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Stalking Advice

What if you are victim being stalking?

If you have reported to the police and do not feel satisfied with their response, do not despair. If you answer positively to these questions, please take this checklist with you when you speak with the police and/or other agencies.

  1. Are you very frightened?
  2. Is there previous domestic abuse or stalking/harassment history?
  3. Have they vandalised or destroyed your property?
  4. Have they turned up unannounced more than three times a week?
  5. Have they followed or loitered near your home or workplace?
  6. Have they made threats of a physical or sexual violence nature?
  7. Have they harassed or stalked any third party since the harassment began?
  8. Have they acted violently towards anyone else during the stalking incident?
  9. Have they engaged other people to help with their activities?
  10. Has the stalker had problems in the past year with drugs, alcohol or mental health?
  11. Is the stalker suicidal? Is there last resort thinking/finality?
  12. Have they ever been in trouble with the police or do they have a criminal history?

For further specialist advice and support please call:

Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service 020 3866 4107