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Key products to support the DASH training and implementation

Laura Richards BSc, MSc, MBPsS, Asc. IA-IP has developed a number of key products to support the DASH (2009) Risk Model. Some of these are downloadable. However, all support material is made available to those undertaking the accredited training in the use if the DASH (2009):

  • The Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour Based Violence (DASH 2009) Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model
  • DASH (2009) Practice Guidance for Professionals
  • Briefing sheet on 15 high risk factors to serious violence and homicide. Click here to download
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the DASH (2009). Click here to download
  • Risk Management: the Tactical Menu of Intervention Options for Domestic Abuse and Honour Based Violence (HBV)
  • HBV Advice Leaflet
  • HBV Resource document
  • Getting Away with it: a profile of the domestic serious and sexual offenders. Click to download PDF. 
  • Findings from the Multi-agency Domestic Homicide Reviews. Click to download PDF.
  • Guidance and Template for Multi-agency Domestic Homicide Reviews.

Other publications include:

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Holden, A., Gozna, L. F & Richards, L. (2009). Prostitute Homicide: The influence of prior relationship on the perpetrator behaviour. In D. Canter, M. Ioannou & D. Youngs (eds). Street Prostitution: Safer Sex in the City (pp31-49). Aldershot: Ashgate;

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Young, H., Richards, L., McCusker, S. (2006). Profiling Mentally Disordered Homicide Offenders to inform Investigative Decision Making and Intervention Strategies. The Journal of Homicide and Major Incident Investigation. Vol. 2 Issue 1. Spring 2006. ACPO: Centrex.

Richards, L & Morgan-Read, K. (2010). Domestic Violence: Stalking and Harassment. CPS Violence Against Women Newsletter. No 3. August 2010. Click here to download PDF.

Richards, L. (2011). The Victims Voice – stalking victims experience of stalking and their experience of the Criminal Justice System  Click here to download PDF.

Richards, L. (2012). Family Court Journal, Volume 3, Number 2, 2012. Click here to download PDF

Richards, L and Fletcher, H. (2012). How we changed the Law. Magistrate Magazine pp10-11. October 2012. Click here to download PDF.

Richards, L., Fletcher, H and Jewell, D. (2012). Independent Parliamentary Inquiry into Stalking Law Reform. Main Findings and Recommendations Click here to download PDF.